Where I’ve Been

An alphabetical list of the countries I’ve visited.  Clicking the image will lead you to my posts* about that country. It’s a relatively short list now, but I hope that my travel resume continues to grow.

*If no posts are linked, that’s because they have yet to be written. :)










10 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

  1. My youngest daughter is Amanda, which means ‘Beloved’. She’s the funny one that makes me laugh and SMACK talks me when we’re clothes shopping. I’m so glad you have a chance to see the world while you’re young. It opens your mind, fills your heart, and expands your understanding.
    It might be cliché, but—you go girl.
    What’s your favorite experience so far?


    • Sounds like I’d enjoy the company of your daughter! You & my mom were very good at picking out a good name. ;)
      Thank you – I’m so grateful that I have had opportunities to see pieces of the world. I hope that you and your Amanda are able to do the same.

      I have so many favorite experiences, but I’d have to say teaching English in China is at the top. It was eye-opening, humbling & a tiny sliver of making a tiny difference in the lives students.


  2. I’ve travelled extensively but unlike you I’m too lazy (and untalented) to write about them. Photos is as hard work as I can do :)

    Enjoyed reading about your most expensive photos, welcome to Rome..

    Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Travelling is the best – just enjoy it, no need to spend all the time worrying about words – those pictures are worth a thousand of ’em anyway. ;) I’m glad you liked my blog (& the tale of my expensive gladiator photos). I hope you’ll subscribe and visit more. :D


    • Hi Shelley! Unfortunately no China posts yet! I had visited long before I started my blog but one of these days I’ll backtrack & share my stories and photos. I went to Beijing, Wuhan and WuXue. In WuXue I did an English immersion program for students. :) Are you planning a trip to China?

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      • We visited China back in 2008 (Beijing, Kunming, Xi’an, Lijiang, Dali), but since we live in Korea, I always like to check out other bloggers Asia posts first. :) I hear you on the blogging about travels from the past…sometimes it feels like an impossible task to get it all written. I’m still trying to catch up on 8 months of travels from our RTW in 2012. It feels like yesterday, but my husband keeps reminding me that it was 3 years ago, and to get on it! :)


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