The Travel Companions

Tammy & I first met during my first couple days moving to Detroit through mutual friends going out for a night of dancing. We re-bonded over a conversation about nose piercings. Our friendship truly began over employment as RAs in the freshmen dorms. Tammy will be pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor beginning this August at the Wayne State University School of Medicine. We have been roommates for the past year & I couldn’t ask for a better travel companion.

Lara & I met through the wonderful world of social media prior to moving to the dorms our freshmen year. We hit it off right away as friends. Lara has been living in Manchester pursuing her masters in visual anthropology (which she has quite a talent for, by the way). Tammy & I are very excited to be meeting up with her in Amsterdam and Manchester. Check out her blog here: WiderLens


2 thoughts on “The Travel Companions

  1. Hi Amanda, I am Tammy’s Aunt Karen. I enjoyed reading your blog. I hope we get to read more about your European adventures. Say hello to Tamara for me. I am so proud of her and you too!


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