The Itinerary

Here is a brief calendar outlining where I will be for the months of May and June.


6 thoughts on “The Itinerary

  1. Hey dude, I know you’re busy but is there any way you could tell me how you made this calendar? Is it a programme? Link me to the site or something?


  2. Thanks lovely, also, I’m wondering…
    would you want to possibly check out somewhere in Wales on the Saturday during the daytime that you’re here? It’s so close, and it’s a different country, so why not tick it off? Let me know if you’d want to, or if you’d just wanna stick to Manchester. I can see if train tickets are reasonable!


      • Hi hon I just got back from the train station…it’s about £35 each and a 2.5 hour journey each way to the place I wanted to take you to, so I didn’t buy the tickets. But we can decide when you get here depending on what you feel like and how we want to spend our time. The ticket price won’t change, so we can decide later!


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