Getting to Know the Top 25 #EpicBucketList Finalists

Thousands entered in The Buried Life & Contiki’s Most #EpicBucketList Contest (ever) competition. Only the Top 25 point earners have a chance at the grand prize (an epic adventure from Contiki) and are vying for that “Congratulations!” email we are all anticipating … Continue reading

The Unnecessarily Elaborate Story of How I’m Going to Australia

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I won a trip to Queensland, Australia.  Check the date; it isn’t April 1.  I still can barely believe it and it’s been a solid 7 months of processing this information.

Back in June I made the decision to try to jump back into travel blogging.  It had been a year since I returned from my European backpacking adventure.  I perused through some old posts and reminisced about the joy of traveling & the fulfillment from writing about it.  The flame was rekindled when I published a couple posts.  During my lunch breaks I began collecting the blogs of career travel writers.  I ate their content like chocolate and felt sick with admiration & slightly jealous of their jetsetter lifestyle.  I’d return to my stable, stationary cubicle and continue with my 8 hour workday at my computer screen.

On one particular lunch break, I escaped from the frigid air conditioned office and soaked up the sun on the office patio.  As I browsed through a series of travel sites, a “Top 10 Travel Blogs of 2013” article caught my attention.  An appealing site was “” – what a clever name!  At first brush, I was turned off by this “blog” – it seemed more like a busy commerce website than the typical format of personal travel tales (I’m a novice, remember?).  Just as my finger extended to tap the back button, the line “Travel Blogger Contest” jumped off the page.

Oh, blogger contest? Really!? I’m a travel blogger! Kinda… Continue reading