A Brief Visit to Killarney

I truly wish I could have spent more time in Killarney.

When I first arrived I asked random people on the streets to point me in the proper direction and I made it after a quick walk without any problems. I even picked up a fellow backpacker along the way. Ross from Liverpool was to be teaching English for three months in a small village nearby. Unfortunately for him, all the buses and trains to this area were suspended for the rest of the weekend so he was stranded. Continue reading

The Final Day in Galway

Started my final day in Galway very well at my new favorite B&B with a full Irish breakfast prepared by my new favorite Irishman, Sean.



I then went on a free 2-hour walking tour of the city where I saw a lot of sights and learned about the history of Galway. What I love about walking tours is that they point out such little things that you wouldn’t even notice or know about if someone hadn’t shown you first. I like that.

In Eyre Square, which was right outside my hostel, here was live music playing from a band from Cork. The coolest thing about he band was that they were a Motown band!! This made me so excited. I loved them. I sat on the grass for some time listening to them until I was joined by my new friends Julien and CJ. We grabbed a bite to eat. The seafood chowder was incredible!!!!



And then I was off to the train station to begin my 5 hour commuter train to Killarney. What is funny is that I began this journey thinking that it was a direct train… Nope!!! I ended up needing to make about 4 transfers!! I took the last train of the day too, so one wrong move would have been disastrous. Luckily I met so many helpful and friendly people along he way who kept me company and guided me every step so I made it to Dublin without a worry or a headache. :)

The Irish are wonderful!

Galway Day 2: The Cliffs & The Caves

I fell in love with Galway! I had so much fun there. In fact, I stayed there much longer than I had originally intended. I suppose that is the beauty of traveling without set plans – you can go about as you please!

As seen from my previous post, I visited the Cliffs of Moher. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Originally I was going to go in an organized bus tour to the cliffs, but the night before I was fortunate to make some friends who were also going to the cliffs – however, they were renting a car so they could have freedom to do as they wished. They invited me along. Continue reading

Aran Islands

I woke up at 7:30 refreshed and ready to take on the day. I have to thank my hostel for being so wonderful and making such a good night of sleep possible!

It was my plan to go to the Aran Islands today. Sadly, the weather was not on the same page as me. It was chilly and horrendously wet and windy. I went through Michael Flaherty tours, and when I showed up his brows raised in surprise asking, “are you sure you want to go today?” Yes, of course! A little rain never hurt anyone…

Continue reading