Waltzing Maltilda, Back in the States

Photo: stars & palm trees in Queensland, Australia

A clear night on Kewarra Beach in Queensland.

Waltzing Matilda is not a woman who likes to dance in rhythmic one-two-threes. Rather, it’s a squatter’s knapsack  endearingly named Matilda (that’s a rough “American” translation).

If you’re perplexed with the reference of “Waltzing Matilda,” familiarize yourself with the song that was almost Australia’s National Anthem by watching this YouTube video.

Now, I didn’t name my traveling bags Matilda, but these bags are back home in the states and can you even believe it, they’ve been sitting here emptied and unused for 10 days now. They are having an identity crisis; they may just name themselves Matilda anyway. And 10 days after my return I’m still wondering if the trip to Australia really happened or if it was just a 2 week dream that ended in what feels like a blink.

I’m still processing two weeks of culture, adventure, excursions, food, landscapes, people… I’m still sifting through thousands of photos and hours of GoPro video. I’m still trying to figure out how I can express on this blog & give justice to a place that is truly spectacular.

I can’t wait to share my experiences in Australia – Sydney & Tropical North Queensland & Hamilton Island – so stay tuned for some down under love!


2 thoughts on “Waltzing Maltilda, Back in the States

    • Hi Stephen! Goodness, yes, I think about going back to Australia every day! I’d love to make it to the red center and see Uluru. And go to Melbourne. And Darwin. And Tasmania. And learn to surf. I’m glad you found my blog – I really enjoy Staci’s too, as a fellow midwesterner. :)


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